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First Post - Domestic Goddess or Stay/Work At Home Mom (SAHM)/(WAHM)

Domestic Goddess (DG) or Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) / Work At Home Mom (WAHM)...Which title do you prefer? I prefer Domestic Goddess (DG). DG seems to make people smile. Yes, most people do not give praise where praise is due when it comes to being a DG. Being a DG is absolutely the hardest position in the world. There is no paycheck to go along with the experience. At one time I was confused by what I was looking for, while in the midst of bringing kids into this world. Never getting recognition for all my long hours and dealing with spit-up, homework headaches, being asked what is for dinner, laundry, carpools, etc... I could go on and on. Many of you may have also found yourself in my position. I thought I was looking for income to make me happy (even though my DH (Dear Husband) was a successful dentist), I did not find out, until I had worked from home and made a name for myself, it was not the money I was looking was the recognition of belonging to something again and corresponding with adults. I was lacking communication and the social aspect of building meaningful relationships. Before I got involved in the network marketing industry, I worked as a school teacher and then I worked as an accountant. I was rewarded as a teacher with my kids smiles and interaction, and I was rewarded as an accountant when I was able to balance a spreadsheet. Being a Domestic Goddess one never seems to get the same praise. DG's are rewarded in public when their kids use the phrases, “please” and “thank you,” when least expected. Yes, DG's then start fanning their peacock feathers, knowing they have done something right. One other way a DG feels rewarded is having their kids tell them they love them, without being prompted. When I discovered network marketing, I found what I was missing. The rewards I got from helping others, with their health and financial status gave me what I needed. The income I earned was secondary, but the income also turned out to be a blessing. Even though I never needed to ask for permission when it came to spending money, I always thought it was my obligation to talk to DH (Dear Husband), since he was the one working and earning the income. Now I am earning as well, and I feel I have an even say in monetary issues in our home. Working from home and being a DG now gives me more respect from my kids than before. I like my kids seeing that helping others is an amazing feeling and very rewarding. My kids see me juggling my home business and their school and social functions. My kids are happy to have their “mommy” at home and I feel good about being able to be here 24/7 for them. Being a DG and a WAHM gives me the intrinsic feeling of success that I was searching for.....that is my big “WHY”. My family is #1. I am now going to ask you.....What are you passionate about? Are you happy with your current health and financial situation? If not, why not? If you are open to working from home, building a business, without jeopardizing your current work situation, contact me via email or visit my home business site ~ Shelley Kimberly

     Shelley Kimberly
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