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My Story

I am Shelley Kimberly...

Welcome to my page! 


A little bit about me.  I consider myself a very positive person.  I  love to laugh and be around others. I feel, when you attach emotions of happiness and enthusiasm to a belief, it manifests much faster.  I love reading quotes that inspire me... I continually strive everyday to be the best person I can be.  I hold a great passion in building my home business and showing others how they can succeed too.  I am a mother of three kids, a wife, an identical twin, a graduate of The Ohio State University, a Kappa Delta alumna, a published author (One of my book titles is, The Power Of Mentorship For Network Marketing, featured with Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor and Diane Diamond from The Secret), I am a cancer survivor and in remission from Dermatomyositis, an auto-immune disease.  I have also been working from home, in network marketing, since 1998.  Before I got involved in the network marketing industry I worked as a school teacher and then I worked as an accountant.  You can find my home business at

Again, thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to investing in your future.  My current mission is to help as many people as I can reach their dreams,  while using network marketing as the vehicle to make it happen!





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